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Dory Dan

Dory Dan Musical Spoons

Let The Good Times In...
Amaze you're friends with a fun instrument that's easy to play. Start simple, then learn all the tricks, the Spoons are made of high quality Stainless Steel and are connected with rivets to a very durable Hardwood Handle.

They achieve a perfect rhythm-spoon sound. And, they come with a lifetime guarantee! If you think you can't play a musical Instrument, THINK AGAIN! Purchase one for yourself, but remember your friends too. These Musical Spoons make unique gifts for anyone who loves music.

Michael Hayes along with my wife Marg are proud residents of Newfoundland, Canada. They started making spoons in 1994 in a basement of a small boarding house in St John's. "Dory Dan" is their registered Trade Mark, Business Name and website. The name began with a dancing puppet dressed as a fisherman!
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Dory Dan Musical Spoons